How can I reduce my exposure to electro-magnetic fields?


If you have been asking yourself, how can I reduce my exposure to electro-magnetic fields, this article will give you some easy ways to do so. When we are busy or work inside it may feel like an uphill battle to limit your exposure to electro magnetic fields. Here are some free or low-cost actions you can take to immediately reduce your exposure to electro-magnetic fields, electrosmog, Circadian disrupting blue light and any general feeling of sluggishness from the indoor climate.

Sunshine through trees reduce exposure EMF

Simple Measures to reduce exposure to electro-magnetic fields and electrosmog

Give yourself a break from devices

  • Rise early, take a gentle walk and spend ten minutes in natural daylight or sun whilst taking deeper breaths without eyewear or looking at a phone or any other screen. This sets your body clock.
  • Leave the room when the microwave is in use 10 meters minimum – or stop using it altogether.
  • Create distance between you and your Wi-Fi router cordless telephones and all Bluetooth devices whilst working at the computer including eating and sleeping areas.

Unplug devices and use alternatives to WiFi

  • Hardwire your laptops, mouse and keypads iPad and mobile phones and disable all wireless connectivity. It does not happen automatically. Install a landline telephone.
  • Unplug mobile chargers when not in use. They consume electricity and create dirty electricity. Above all, avoid charging at bedside overnight. Reduce screen time 1 hour before sleeping.
  • Install a timer on the supply cable to the TV, Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi, bedside lamps and any power cords etc. within two metres. Consider switching off electrical circuits in the bedroom (bio-rupteur).

Set up protective measures where you work

  • Plan and revise the cable systems under your desk or where you spend time so that you are not sitting among a nest of electrical wiring and/or very commonly the Wi-Fi router.
  • Electric fields extend 2m from any source and stimulate micro-contractions in muscles and inhibit free circulation of blood. Shielded cables and multi sockets make a huge reduction to tiredness.
  • Iris software for controlling colour temperature of computers and use blue light blocking glasses or prescription lenses which block 400 -500 nm light too – especially in the evenings.

Get outside, take a break

  • Exercise your eyes frequently and give them a break from the screen and bright lights in the evening. The more sunlight they receive the more tolerant to screen time you will be.
  • Ladies will benefit from covering the neck with a scarf to prevent blue light from reaching the thyroid area when in front of any screen. Thyroid is modulated by light signals and RF.
  • Frequent contact with the ground outside will allow your body to maintain energy levels and you will feel better. Being inside surrounded by electrical wiring creates a static charge in the blood and the cells tend to stick together, especially when dirty electricity is high.
  • The effect can be feeling cold and poor concentration due to low oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood and reduced circulation to extremities.
How can I reduce my exposure to electro-magnetic fields

Keeping ancestral conditions in mind, our biology and immune systems have evolved over millennia whilst electrification and radio frequency were introduced in the last 100 years or so. So it is easy to see that the ability to adapt if ever, will take careful consideration and time. It has been suggested the degree to which we see diseases on the rise is a consequence of the fundamental disconnect from nature modern life involves. But, by now we are informed, so it doesn’t have to be that way.

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